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Sexual Abuse Claims

Sexual Abuse Claims

Has your child been sexually abused while in the care of a mental health facility, a drug rehab facility, or another type of care facility? Have you or a loved one been sexually assaulted by a member of staff at a school, church, or other similar institution? These heinous crimes leave the victim physically and emotionally scarred. While the criminal courts will take action against the criminal, this may not result in compensation for the victim’s medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Victims of sexual abuse have options and deserve fair compensation.

Our adversaries — institutions and their insurance companies — have a tendency to blame the victim. Our attorneys at Lee Law Firm doesn’t accept this phenomenon. We will hold the institution responsible for the harm caused by its employees. Our Criminal Defense attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars for victims of negligence in Miami Gardens & Florida since our firm’s inception in decades back.

Institutions Can Be Held Accountable For Employee Misconduct

Young women and men in rehabilitation and mental health clinics, as well as students and churchgoers, are particularly vulnerable. These institutions must exercise extreme caution to prevent employees from preying on vulnerabilities.

When we look into these cases, we frequently discover that these facilities have failed. After being fired from another mental health clinic, a staff member with a history of sexual assault allegations may be hired at another. A school district may transfer a teacher to another school district without disclosing the statutory rape allegations that prompted the move. We discover what occurred. We hold institutions responsible for harm they could have avoided.

Will I Still Be Able To File A Sexual Abuse Claim?

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Our sexual abuse attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we advance all litigation costs and charge a fee only if there is a recovery. Contact our experienced Criminal Law Attorneys in Miami Gardens, FL for further information.

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