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The impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a major issue that can lead to a life-altering condition is something that needs to be highlighted. Three types of traumatic brain injury classification exist which include mild, moderate as well as severe traumatic brain injury. TBIs are diagnosed based on the duration of unconsciousness as well as the symptoms. The doctor assesses factors, such as, how long the patient was knocked out, if a loss of consciousness occurred, and how severe symptoms were. Most TBIs are termed as mild simply because the signs and symptoms are not of severe nature or they are temporary and do not become evident immediately after the injury. While severe TBIs can be marked as irreparable and fatal, these less severe cases also cause long-lived impairments. The after-effect including brain…Read More


If you are bankrupt, you are not required to have reached any certain level of debt to be qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The amount of your income may be the key factor that determines your candidacy for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and you will be required to take a special test called a “means test” to determine whether you are a good fit for it. Decide on Your Situation and Find the Answers to Questions such as: Whether You Have the Right to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy When you are overwhelmed with more debt than you can return back and you are asking yourself – “What are the effects of filing chapter 7?”, you may look at filing into bankruptcy as a mean to protect yourself from…Read More

The last thing you expect when visiting a public space or building is to stumble on a wet floor and sustain an injury. However, it is a common occurrence, and the resulting injuries can be severe. If you've slipped on a wet floor and been injured, and you've had any time off work or treatment costs, it's critical that you understand how much compensation you can claim and how to ensure you get your full entitlements. Slipping on a wet floor compensation in Florida can easily run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, therefore it makes sense to find out how much you can claim. Your Legal Options If You Slip and Fall on A Damp Floor Most public buildings are insured by public liability insurance, which…Read More

Elder law estate planning addresses your care when you become disabled as you age, as well as who will be in charge of such care, and the transfer of your assets on death to whom you want, when you want, and in the manner, you want, with the least amount of taxes and legal fees possible. These are the five steps to developing such a strategy. Step 1: Family Dynamics. Clients frequently miss the immeasurable value of becoming acquainted with the family dynamic. We believe that the social comes first, and that the legal should serve the social. Once we know who is who and what everyone's interpersonal relationships are, we can create a plan that will function both socially and legally. Failure to handle the social aspects has resulted…Read More

If you are caught or charged with a domestic violence-related crime in Florida, you will almost certainly face jail if convicted. Individuals who commit misdemeanor domestic battery in the first degree or more serious felony domestic violence crimes in Florida face mandatory minimum jail terms. If you are found guilty of domestic abuse, you may face further penalties, probation, and other punishments. You are not obligated to defend yourself against these claims or traverse the criminal court system on your own. If you or a loved one has been charged with domestic abuse in Florida, the criminal defense attorneys at The Lee Law firm may be able to help. A skilled domestic violence defense attorney may be able to assist you in avoiding charges or a conviction, as well as…Read More

Car Accident

A school bus accident can have serious implications for the drivers, passengers, and children on board. It is critical to determine liability for the losses and injuries sustained in order to seek appropriate compensation and resolve accountability. To assess liability in a school bus accident, the cause of the incident must be determined. Working with an attorney allows you to conduct a thorough investigation into the accident and determine who was at fault. Common Reasons for School Bus Collisions One of the most prevalent causes of school bus accidents is driver error, which can involve careless behaviors such as speeding, driving under the influence, and failing to obey traffic signals. In many circumstances, driver error is the result of insufficient training or experience. Potholes and a lack of proper signs…Read More

Florida Child Abuse And Neglect Statutes

Learn about the definitions, statutes, and types of neglect and abuse in Florida, as well as the consequences and sentences that defendants face after being charged with this offence. Florida child abuse laws are intended to protect children from significant injury, yet many abuse reports are false or overstated. Given the sensitivity of these circumstances, child neglect and child abuse are criminal offences with serious penalties if convicted. As a result, you may want the assistance of a skilled child abuse attorney in Florida. Child abuse allegations can cause considerable turmoil in your family. A conviction carries severe consequences, such as incarceration, fines, and removal from your children. If you are facing a Department of Children and Families (DCF) inquiry or charges of child abuse or neglect, you should get…Read More

Types Of Elder Abuse: How An Elder Law Attorney Can Help

Our elderly beloved ones have the right to spend their golden years in comfort and respect. It might be painful and unpleasant to learn that your loved one was subjected to cruel treatment. Elder abuse is not only distressing and morally repugnant; it’s also considered criminal act. It is illegal in Florida to cause bodily or psychological injury to a senior or vulnerable adult, according to the definition of elder abuse. As a result, if your loved one was abused in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or other setting, you may be able to sue and obtain compensation. Lee law firm’ tenacious and caring elder abuse attorneys are prepared to battle for your loved one. Contact us immediately for free advice on whether you have a case of elder…Read More

Exploring Different Approaches To Drafting A Will

3 Ways To Write A Will: 1. You can hire an estate planning lawyer. This is the typical technique, and it gives you the advantage of addressing specific legal intricacies with your scenario. If you have a complicated plan for distributing your estate, the solicitor may be able to write special terms for you. It is beneficial for conditional bequests, in which a particular occurrence may activate a specific distribution plan. A solicitor, on the other hand, has some drawbacks. It is costly and inconvenient not only to draught the Will but also to amend it. As a result, some solicitors' Wills are less complex than others because they aim to cover all possible situations, knowing that they must "future-proof" the document. Instead of establishing trusts and appointing guardians for…Read More

Drug Possessions Accusation In Florida

A drug possession accusation in Florida stems from knowingly and illegally possessing a restricted substance. Possession of a drug might be for personal use or to distribute or sell the substance. Possession of a controlled substance is illegal in Florida unless the individual obtains a valid prescription from their doctor for the medication in question. Control can be both actual and constructive. The drug is on the person who is in actual Possession of it. For example, if police enforcement discovers drugs in a person's handbag or pocket, they would be in Possession of the drugs. Constructive Possession is more challenging to establish. When someone is in constructive unlawful possession of a controlled substance, law enforcement may locate drugs in their immediate proximity but not necessarily on their person. For…Read More

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