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Florida Child Abuse And Neglect Statutes

Florida Child Abuse And Neglect StatutesLearn about the definitions, statutes, and types of neglect and abuse in Florida, as well as the consequences and sentences that defendants face after being charged with this offence.

Florida child abuse laws are intended to protect children from significant injury, yet many abuse reports are false or overstated. Given the sensitivity of these circumstances, child neglect and child abuse are criminal offences with serious penalties if convicted. As a result, you may want the assistance of a skilled child abuse attorney in Florida.

Child abuse allegations can cause considerable turmoil in your family. A conviction carries severe consequences, such as incarceration, fines, and removal from your children. If you are facing a Department of Children and Families (DCF) inquiry or charges of child abuse or neglect, you should get legal representation right once.

Lee Law Firm’ criminal defence attorneys understand the mechanics of child abuse cases since they have years of combined experience managing cases for both the prosecution and the defence. If you have any questions concerning your charges or need legal assistance, please call our office for a free consultation.

Child Abuse And Neglect Penalties In Florida

In Florida, both child abuse and neglect are considered felonies. If no aggravating circumstances exist, child abuse and neglect are considered third-degree offences. The penalty may be up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Child abuse and neglect of a more serious nature will result in heavier penalties.

The use of excessive violence may result in increased sanctions. In other words, if the youngster sustains serious bodily harm, permanent disfigurement, or impairment, you may face greater penalties. The following are the punishments in Florida for child abuse and neglect:

Offense Category Maximum imprisonment Maximum fine
Child neglect without aggravating factors 3rd degree felony 5 years $5,000
Child neglect great bodily harm 2nd degree felony 15 years $10,000
Child abuse great bodily harm 1st degree felony 30 years $10,000

Depending on the facts of your case, you may face further consequences such as:

  • Being exposed to a comprehensive investigation
  • Possible separation from your children
  • Attending and completing parenting classes

If you are convicted of child abuse or granted a stay of proceedings, you will not be able to seal your record in Florida. In addition of having a criminal record, these charges could have an impact on the outcome of your divorce or child custody case, as well as other elements of your life. The sooner you hire trustworthy and effective legal counsel, the more time your attorneys will have to prepare a good defence for you. If you are facing child abuse or neglect allegations, contact Lee Law Firm to book a free consultation.

Child Abuse And Neglect Defences

Crimes against children are harshly prosecuted in Florida due to the sensitivity of the offence. Nonetheless, these charges are frequently the result of a misunderstanding that might have serious ramifications for you.

There are many defences that might result in a case being dismissed or charges being reduced. In addition to gathering evidence to refute your charges, the criminal lawyers at Lee Law Firm may employ the following defence strategies:

False Allegations:

  • Inadequate evidence of abuse.
  • Parental right to discipline (the right of parents to adequately discipline their children).
  • The defendant had no expectation that their actions would cause harm.
  • The harm was either unintended, such as accidentally locking your child’s hand in a door, or the result of external events, such as a fight at school.

The optimal legal strategy is determined by the individual facts of your case. If you wish to investigate a possible defence for your situation, you should consult with a child abuse attorney.

Contact A Florida Child Neglect Lawyer

Child abuse allegations might jeopardise all that is precious to you. In addition to having an impact on your family, these accusations may result in a conviction, which may include prison time and hefty fines. With your future and personal liberty on the line, you should seek the advice of an aggressive criminal lawyer.

In Miami Gardens, Florida a Criminal Defense Lawyer represents individuals accused of child abuse and other criminal offences. If you are accused of child neglect or abuse, you must have an experienced attorney on your side. Contact the child neglect experts at Lee Law Firm right away or call us to schedule a free consultation.

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