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Can You Claim for Slipping on A Wet Floor?

The last thing you expect when visiting a public space or building is to stumble on a wet floor and sustain an injury. However, it is a common occurrence, and the resulting injuries can be severe. If you’ve slipped on a wet floor and been injured, and you’ve had any time off work or treatment costs, it’s critical that you understand how much compensation you can claim and how to ensure you get your full entitlements. Slipping on a wet floor compensation in Florida can easily run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, therefore it makes sense to find out how much you can claim.

Your Legal Options If You Slip and Fall on A Damp Floor

Most public buildings are insured by public liability insurance, which compensates injured visitors if the building management is at fault for the accident. Some businesses, on the other hand, choose not to obtain public liability insurance and instead handle public liability claims in-house, thereby becoming self-insurers. In any case, if you tripped on a wet floor and sustained financial damages, you can seek compensation from the business or their public liability insurer if you can demonstrate that the building management failed in their duty of care to keep you safe.

You must file a compensation claim within three years of the day you were harmed (six years if you are incapacitated or the injured individual is a minor). If you were not aware of your injury at the time of the accident, the three-year period may commence when you became aware of it.

Can I Get Compensation for Slipping on A Wet Floor?

Compensation provided you if you hurt after slipping on a wet floor, you may be able to seek compensation provided the following conditions are met:

The personnel in charge of the public space or premises were aware (or should have been aware) of the wet floor.

You’ve suffered losses as a result of your wet floor mishap, including time away from work, treatment, and medical expenditures.

If the individuals in charge had taken efforts to reduce the slip danger, your slip and fall disaster may have been averted.

Here are four questions you might ask yourself to determine whether you are eligible for compensation if you stumble on a wet floor:

  1. Was the accident caused by environmental factors (for example, insufficient lighting)?
  2. Were you partially or completely at blame for your accident?
  3. Was the accident caused by a lack of proper maintenance?
  4. Was the hazard present for a long enough period of time that it could have been found and corrected in a reasonable amount of time?

With so many factors to examine, it might be difficult to determine whether you have a solid case on your own. A public liability lawyer who has expertise claiming compensation for sliding on a wet floor, on the other hand, will be able to examine your case and advise you whether you have a claim worth pursuing.

To increase your chances of receiving compensation, speak with an expert wet floor injury lawyer who can examine your circumstances and inform you how much compensation you may be eligible to receive.

Contact a slip and fall specialist now for free legal advice or to find out how much you can claim.

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